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Friday and time to put icing on the cake?

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Scanmaster deliver dosing equiptment and dosing pumps for many industries - an example is the food industry, including cake factories.

Fully automatic, robot-assisted icing of biscuits - ViscoTec systems take over all icing handling tasks.

In the food industry, where icing ornaments are still mostly done manually with a piping bag, the trend is moving towards automation. It is important to be able to individually decorate cakes in spite of automated order. Gingerbread hearts is a perfect example. 

With the endless piston technology, on which all ViscoTec products are based, decorative tasks or fillings in the confectionery industry can be realized semi-automatically and fully automatically with, for example, frosting.

The icing mixtures of different colours are extracted from 50-litre stainless steel barrels using ViscoMT-XS barrel emptying systems and supplied to the dispensers via hose lines.

The dispensers are mounted on robotic arms. The dispensers’ dosing speeds can be regulated by the automation company via an analogue signal. The simple signal exchange ensures that the dispensers can be implemented rapidly in a range of higher-level systems, such as the robots used in this video

Let us know if you have any questions and feel free til contact us for more information. 

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