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Omya AB

Omya is a privately owned Swiss company with a history of  more than 130 years, specializing in functional minerals based on calcium carbonate and distribution of specialty chemicals and engineered polymers. 

Omya provides value added products and services from responsibly sourced materials to meet essential needs of current and future generations. The polymer value chain is no exception to the process of continuous improvement in cost efficiency and supply chain optimization.

In collaboration with Principals, Omya develops technical and commercial  solutions that enable us to supply our customers with solutions tailored to the needs of their  specific applications.

In the polymer industry, we represent world-class suppliers for products like engineered polymers, environmentally friendly polymers, masterbatch for PVC, pigments, lubricants, flame-retardants, PVC stabilizers, functional fillers, processing aids and other additives. Our global distribution network allows for a one-stop purchase from our product portfolios.

With our strong focus on innovation, we  will meet your requirements of today and tomorrow.

Fakta om Omya AB

Omya AB
Södra Tullgatan 3
211 40 MALMÖ

Skåne län
Malmö stad

Telefon: +46 040206700


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