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Serie av fräsar för högpresterande slutfräsning

den 24 juni 2022

Have you seen our series of endmills for high performance finishing?

The 5-cutter endmills are universal and are suitable for most materials. The endmills have a 38/40/42 ° variable spiral pitch insert for vibration-free milling.

The endmills are available in cutting lengths of 3XD / 4XD / 5XD and are coated with Orkan Super Plus for better service life.

We stock the cutters in Ø4-Ø20, and we are ready to ship today.

Find dimensions on the endmills below:

50 8480 - 3 x diameter
50 8481 - 4 x diameter
50 8482 - 5 x diameter

Find milling data on the endmills below:

MIlling data of 50 8480 - 3 x diameter
MIlling data of 50 8481 - 4 x diameter
MIlling data of 50 8482 - 5 x diameter

Do you have further questions about the endmills or anything else in our large standard program?

Then contact us on tel. 70 22 42 00 or at mail@risager.eu.

We are always ready to help!

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