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Webinar: Good to see you. Reveal the unseen. With ZEISS SEM series

Free webinar on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 from 9 am to 9:45 am (CET). 

What to do when your light microscope is no longer sufficient? Scanning electron microscopy is used for precise analyses of the microstructure of components and is characterized by a high depth of field and razor-sharp resolution of the smallest structures.

Learn more about the process of image acquisition and presentation of samples and workpieces with electron microscopy in our webinar. Discover the wide ZEISS portfolio of systems and gain brand new insights for a variety of quality assurance applications in industry.

Highlights of the webinar: 

- Get new insights into scanning electron microscopy for your quality control and failure analysis needs.
- Learn about the ZEISS SEM portfolio and find the right solutions for your application.
- Discover the possibility of analyzing materials by determining the chemical element composition (EDX).
- Get to know machine learning techniques such as pixel classification or deep learning to efficiently achieve workflows that can be automated.

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